by Wake The Dead

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Recorded for the video Swordfighting:


released February 6, 2014

music & lyrics by Wake The Dead

Recorded, mixed and masterised by Nicolas Exposito @ Polar Deer Recordings



all rights reserved


Wake The Dead Marseille, France

Wake The Dead is a modern and melodic Punk Hardcore band mainly influenced by bands such as Comeback Kid, Have Heart, Verse, Defeater, More Than Life…

After 5 years, and a first show in 2010, WTD played more than 200 shows in more than 30 different countries between Europe and Asia. They recorded a first cd in 2011, a 6 title EP in 2012, and the videoclip of Swordfighting in 2014.
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Track Name: Swordfighting
Nothing is good without you
Without you
I am going to fight, And I am going to win.
I'm on fire, My head needs a good clean.
Sword fighting
Between heaven and earth,
My brain is floating in shadows,
My head needs a good flip.

You and I
In my bed
With my best friend, With my best things.

I want to go home,
So we will be alone.
Raindrops like beaded tears.

When I sleep in these arms,
When she kills me,
When I kiss these sweet lips,
Deadly poison is in my blood.

Without you
Sword fighting

I lost the game,
Raindrops like beaded tears.

You and I
In my bed
With my best friend, With my best things.