Meaningless Expectations

by Wake The Dead

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Face A:
01. Mon Rêve Familier
02. Reaching The Sky
03. Bathed In Shadows

Face B:
04. Sweet Words Fuck Your Throat
05. The Feeling Inside
06. As Swallows

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released March 10, 2012

musics & lyrics by Wake The Dead



all rights reserved


Wake The Dead Marseille, France

Wake The Dead is a modern and melodic Punk Hardcore band mainly influenced by bands such as Comeback Kid, Have Heart, Verse, Defeater, More Than Life…

After 5 years, and a first show in 2010, WTD played more than 200 shows in more than 30 different countries between Europe and Asia. They recorded a first cd in 2011, a 6 title EP in 2012, and the videoclip of Swordfighting in 2014.
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Track Name: Mon Rêve Familier
I often do this dream
Strange and penetrating
Of an unknown woman
That i love and who love me.

And that is every time quite not the same
nether quite another.

She understands me.
As my heart is transparent.
For herself it ceases to be a problem.
For her alone... The dampness of my pale forehead...
Only she knows how coolit, by crying

Is she brown, blonde or redhead... I don't know...
Her name was sweet and sounds like what I loved.

Her eyes are like the eyes of statues,
and her voice quite and serious.
The inflexion of her voice makes me feel how the silence is expensive.
Track Name: Reaching The Sky
Surrounded by doubts,
i'm looking for an outlet.
To forget the things of life,
and enjoy every moments.

No longer justify for these things.
That's no matter to us.

Take The Road to defend a point of view.
For us, music is about sharing something.
Experiment a serie of experiences,
get out of any routine.

Why should we enter into a mold,
that's not the way we want.
We'll forget all the moments
good or bad, spent together.

Behind the shadows you will find
happiness suffering.

We try to reach the sky,
no matter the price.

Don't forget where you come from,
don't forget where you want to go.

We try to reach the sky,
no matter the price.
Track Name: Bathed In Shadows
Once again I see this train, leaving far from my home,
taking with it the hope that make me alive.

You're leaving, set pressure,
hazard, is one of the pleasures of life...
The quest of impossible, set specific to human being.

Can you imagine moving on, life makes no sense.

You're surrounded by doubts, bathed in shadows.
You're waiting for a sign.

I'm waiting for a sign, a direction.
I found myself into feelings overspeed.

Aspire to happiness and suffering,
And other contradictions.

I hope, we swear...
Never feel that again!
Track Name: Sweet Words Fuck Your Throat
I lost in confusion, since the day we met.
The only thing I care, is a picture of nothing.

Your words seem sweet, and now it fucks my throats.

How can I belive, your not cheating on me,
The only thing I care, is a picture of nothing.

And now, I try, survive, That's breaking me inside.

These words straight to my heart, break me inside.
Track Name: The Feeling Inside
This time for sure, I hate my life.
No job, no hope, I think I'm loosing against myself.

Who care I don't know, maybe some friends or not.
Family, no one knows, my feeling inside.

And this time agin I'm watching TV,
another bad love movie.
I just want to throw me out the window,
The life I'll never have.

I think I am the worst dude ever,
I think I'm just another lost boy.
Track Name: As Swallows
I try to fly to leave the nest.
I think I will hit the ground.
I spread and I'm chirping.
My wings and I'm flying.

As swallows flying to the sun,
They will burn as a paper sheet.
No hope, no feelings.
I forget reason as I forget to breath.

I stay at home all alone,
with my mirror I scream my dismay.

Kill my dreams, and now watch me die.